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Best naval doctrine eu4

Paradox has learned from the relatively lukewarm reception of the first Europa Universalis 4 immersion pack, the Russia-centric Third Rome. Rule Britannia is different, with the new features split fairly evenly between being British Isles-centric or being global, but thematically beneficial for British players. The new denomination will, of course, allow for easy royal divorces.

These points can reduce overall power point cost, among other bonuses. The Industrial Revolution, which will be a new feature available to all nations, is of course a particular boost to Britain: after all, Great Britain is essentially the first major homeland of industrialization, and industrialism helped transform Britain from second-fiddle to France into the greatest empire the world has ever known.

The British Isles have perennially been a favorite start location in Europa Universalis 4and the new Immersion Pack should make it even more exciting. Will you be diving into Rule Britannia and building an empire on which the sun never sets? Paradox Interactive. Christianity will get a new sect in Europa Universalis 4: Rule Britannia—and the king of England loves sects.

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Morale take a huge hit with every ship sunk so they dont have to kill many to win the fight and trash teh morale of the remaining ships. Vipic View Profile View Posts. I think his cogs attacked 50 threedeckers. But really, did your galleys hit up a fleet with tons of lineships or something? In reality galleys stood no chance against lineships, its why the berbers would run thier asses off if they even saw a frigate, much less a ship of the line.

I think the game actually stilts in favor of galleys to hard but thats just my humble view. Ive never actually owned a galley and fought a line ship so I cant say for sure. Edit: Its a matter of angles, bigger ships can fire down on the unprotected weather deck of the smaller ship obliterating them.

The best small ships can do is futily fire thier usually tiny pound guns at the side armor of the larger ship. The spanish built a lineship with 64 pound guns called the santisma, I mean theres not many frigates that can even come close to that. Last edited by Vipic ; 14 Jun, am. My ships were fully updated, not motballed. I took my ships into the baltic and fought. I had at least of each ship.

Last edited by Jiffypop ; 14 Jun, pm. Sounds like you lost a morale battle to me. I'm not well versed in naval combat in this game, but if there is a combat width, as others have suggested, it sounds like they demoralized your sailors enough that it became the deciding factor.

Originally posted by IvantheFormidable :. Originally posted by Jiffypop :. Kagemin View Profile View Posts. Yeah, combat width most likely wrecked you there. Only a fraction of your ships actually fought, and since you had a mix of ships, the bad ones got destroyed early and demoralized your whole fleet. Originally posted by ConqueroR :. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 14 Jun, am. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.Castile is one of the most played nations by newer players.

I find it very enjoyable as there are a lot of different aspects of game you can play through. You have very high early game army morale, so you can go full conquest; Iberian peninsula has natural fortifications on map which will help you out defensively. Your national ideas are only behind Portugal on colonization. Your home trade node receives a lot of money from the new world, and you can potentially get a lot of merchants, so you can learn about trade and become very rich mid to late game.

In short, Castile could be played in a lot of different ways. Just like my Austria guideI will lay out two guides for different play styles. One is for intense expansionist game play, which I call Colossal Castile. I will divide the guides into Conquest and Colonization sections and a separate Event section which will be common for both guides.

Secondary Objective: Colonize African provinces for conquest in Africa. So your campaign might go a bit differently, but you have significant army morale advantage compared to your neighbors and you should win most wars.

Prerequisites: Build up to land force limit. Build up to Navy force limit. England is at war with France for Surrender of Maine event.

Hide your navy at Sevilla port. Keep half your army on north coastline to fight landing Brits they will land troops on you even when their provinces are sieged down by France. Chase down Portugal stack with rest of the army and full siege. England will white peace after a while. Its just going to take a bit longer. Interlude: Regenerate your manpower. If you can take the reconquista mission, do it.

Prerequisite: Reconquista mission. OR at least 1 claim on Granada. If Morocco was not allied with Granada, declare on them immediately after finishing up with Granada.

Keep an eye on your war exhaustion and man power. Take some coastal provinces plus money.

Europa Universalis 4: Rule Britannia Will Transform The British Isles

Interlude: Diplo annex Navarra. Recuperate man power. Pay off loans. Embrace institution. Deal with rebels. Improve relations to keep down AE. If Brittany is still standing they likely have France as allies, declare on Brittany when France is busy with another war. Vassalize Brittany their provinces have increased coring costs too.Typically, the longer something has been out, the more it will be discounted.

This list is in chronological order, so you can probably get the stuff at the top for a couple bucks if you wait for the right moment. Available from: Paradox PlazaSteam. If you are interested in North American tribes, it definitely takes them from being barely represented in the game to feeling like full-fledged nations. It will be least valuable to players who prefer landlocked, non-colonial, land warfare-focused powers in Central and Eastern Europe. National Focus is a feature I use in almost every game of EU4though you can also unlock that by owning Common Sense.

The difference for them in terms of options and flavor with this DLC on versus off is night and day. The Religious League Wars and Revolution Target mechanics add major, recurring events that I look forward to interacting with every playthrough. Features like being able to give my AI allies orders and demand war reparations are essential features I would have a very hard time living without. This one is a winner, through and through.

If you prefer a strictly historical experience, this expansion does for Central and South America what Conquest of Paradise did for North America, making the nations there feel fully playable rather than just being in the game as a placeholder.

This expansion has come under significant criticism for introducing a feature as fundamental and borderline essential as provincial development and putting it behind a paywall. This is definitely the 'diplomacy expansion', and the utility it adds in that department for all nations is significant. The best feature is probably the new automated naval orders, which are a life-saver when trying to manage multiple fleets with different roles. All the extra spy stuff is pretty reasonable to live without as well.

I could certainly live without ruler traits. For that reason alone, this is one of my favorite expansions. Beyond that, most of the goodies are situational stuff for Coptic Christians, Fetishists, the Ottomans, and Prussia.

This expansion will be of the least value to players not interested in any of those nations. The Great Power mechanics can open up some interesting, new play styles and a goal for smaller nations to strive for, but I probably ignore them roughly as often as I factor them into my plans.

best naval doctrine eu4

It really does make the region feel like a second sphere as fleshed-out, diverse, and fun as Europe, which is a huge accomplishment. That opinion may change as I grow more accustomed to it, though. The focus of immersion packs, of which Third Rome is the first dedicated example in EUIVis to add a bunch of new mechanics and flavor for a specific group of nations while not affecting the rest of the world in any major ways.

You'll have a ton more small things to do when playing that region, though only a couple have any major impact. My favorite of the lot is Siberian Frontiers, which allow a strong Russian nation to fill in their historical borders without having to spend an idea group or two on acquiring colonists. Cradle of Civilization makes the Islamic world feel as rich, detailed, and diverse as Western Christendom, opening up areas like Persia and Anatolia for all kinds of new political situations.

EU4 Guide to Venice - Venetian Sea Achievement - Merchant Republics Tutorial

It's unambiguously essential if you like playing Muslim countries or anywhere in the vicinity of the Levant, Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, or Persia. The whole set-up with the ailing Timurids, their opportunistic neighbours, and their potential successor states is brilliant and can go so many different, interesting ways now.

Both the Mamluks and the Ottomans get enough new toys to play with that they'd feel naked without it. And for everyone else, Army Professionalism adds a new dimension to military dominance. It will be of least use to players who don't like playing Muslim nations or anywhere in the vicinity of the Middle East.

The Immersion Packs are rarely 'essential', but it really comes down to how much you like playing games as England or Scotland. With this pack and the free patch, playing a minor Irish nation is also more viable than it used to be, but if you're not an anglophile there's less here for you. Naval Doctrines are cool, but not essential and useless to non-naval powers. Innovativeness is a nice boost if you can keep ahead of the tech game, but the new Institution mechanics make that quite hard.

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best naval doctrine eu4

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best naval doctrine eu4

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How to build the best navy? I'm a relatively new player and I have just have a question regarding the best way to build a navy. I often find myself building almost entirely light ships because I think that when not at war they're the most valuable, but then during war I often can't really transport my troops around easily to islands my current game is as Italy or they don't seem to fare as well in combat as I would expect.

I'm just curious to see what more experienced players think. Build enough galleys so you can dominate the biggest Med fleet check ledger - probably Ottomans.

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No heavy ships. You probably won't need a lot of cogs to take islands - more than enough. Light ships to fill up the rest; I typically ran well into the red on my forcelimit, don't forget to get shipyards to boost. Ideally you have full control of Venice and most of Ragusa without needing ships, so your light ships can steer upstream of those two Alexandria, Aden if you have Indian ocean access, etc.

Even with the double damage for inland seas galleys top out fairly early. Better to just destroy your entire galley fleet once you start expanding beyond Gibraltar and use the saved money for a larger army or advisors. If you want to be a premier naval power outside of the Mediterranean, youre going to need a bunch of heavy ships. A fleet of light ships will get shredded by heavy ships.

That normally means heavy ships in the range. Otherwise, lightships and transports are to taste.I was planning on a step-by-step guide on how to world conquest playing Ming. Ottomans might be the best nation to do world conquest, but I think Ming is actually the easiest one for beginners. You can play Ming very casually and still manage to own more than half of the world between you and your tributaries.

The only nations that were not my tributary were France, Austria and Great Britain. So if you try a little hard and pay close attention, you can do a world conquest fairly easily. Colonize Alaska, Taiwan, Australia in that order. Quality- After this I go for military techs. By this time, you will start fighting the European powers and you will find that you might have numbers, but your army quality is lacking.

I usually go quality, then offensive, then defensive. If you plan on playing more as a colonizer, you can substitute the first mil group with expansion. You should aim to get the max absolutism using court and country disaster when the age of absolutism starts.

It will help you massively late game and make expansion easier. I think Ming makes for a really easy beginner nation.

You have the army size, the economy and no real enemies till mid game. On top on that, you have your tributaries who will give you loads of monarch points, manpower or ducats. Not to mention the coring cost reduction you get from decree and celestial reforms.

The only thing you have to watch out for is your mandate. As long as you can consistently keep it over 50, you will be unmatched and conquer the world. Skip to content. Unrest guy for admin. Set Ashikaga as rival. Start harmonizing Theravada. Make your ruler as a general. And get another general from estate. Start establishing tributaries to whoever would accept.

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Set naval doctrine to ship boarding. Move your armies to the north border Set your trade ships to protect trade Get the decree for infant combat ability Set all tributaries to give you admin. Basic Guidelines playing Ming Always keep your diplomats busy. Either improve relations with prospective tributaries or current tributaries. Once I get the extra diplomat from Celestial reforms, I put one on automatic to improve relations with subjects.

Never use missionaries. Just forget this button exists. Always keep harmonizing. Yes it affects meritocracy but In about years or so, your meritocracy will remain high enough. When fighting rebels early game, remember you will be attacking in mountains most of the time. That means you will suffer a lot of losses. Make sure you bring enough units or just wait till the rebels starting sieging your fort. Vassal shield technique. As Ming, if you border a non tributary nation, you lose mandate.

Once you start getting close to the big nations such as Ottomans and Russia or Muscovy, you should plan ahead on what provinces you conquer so you can either release a vassal or vassalize an existing nation.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Corvus View Profile View Posts.

best naval doctrine eu4

Been playing as France, currentlyand I'm trying to figure out how to best construct my trade fleets, i. For the Mediterranean, how many galleys to each light ship?

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Welcome to EU4

Adding other ships to your light fleets does nothing, except you want them to actually do battle which is not the best idea. Better keep your battle fleet together so it can wipe out the enemy fleet all together, instead of splitting your forces and weakening yourself. The size of the trade fleet entirely depends on how much trade influence you need. If a node is heavily contested by several nations with their own light ships assigned to that node, you will need lots of ships to increase your influence.

If the node is basically all yours, you will hardly need any ships. Kagemin View Profile View Posts. It really depends on what you're trying to do. If all you want to do is to get trade power there's no real reason to build anything but light ships at all. Just gotta be quick and dock them in a safe place during wars.

If you want a war fleet it's pretty much go big or go home. You will need enough battle ships to just squish your enemies during the encounters, and the losses will be huge against other big navies, even if you win.

If you have small battle navies you just can't do anything with them if your enemies have a proper fleet. Heavy ships are by far the most powerful ships, but also the most expensive. In inland seas galleys outshine them when it comes to cost efficiency, but one on one the heaves are still a fair bit stronger. Both light ships and transports are pretty worthless if they have to fight proper battle ships. There's no optimal ratio like for land armies.

If you want to compete for naval supremacy check the other nations in the ledger and build at least as many heavies galleys if in inland seas, but heavies are still strong there as they have, and probably some extra to not lose most of them in the first encounter.

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